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bullying of some shape or form. >> the high school does not have metal detectors, never seemed to be a need for them. the 15-year-old in the custody of a juvenile detention center. >> today marks one year since the deadliest shooting on capital street. today, the survivors, and the victims, family members and community leaders will meet with the d.c. council. a juvenile justice initiative, aimed at curbing violent crime in the city. 30 years ago today, john hinckley tried to assassinate president reagan. fires shots, one hit the
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president, punctured his lung. another, hit jim brady. others were struck in that shooting. >> warmer than yesterday. >> probably the high for the day. >> at 4:30 in the morning. >> enjoy it. bask in the wonderful warm glow of 45 degrees. later today, when we get the rain going, it will be dropping back. it is colder to the west and north. it is near freezing, upper 30s to near 40 degrees. we do have a winter weather advisory for the counties in color. highlands of west virginia. they could get two to four inches out there. here, chilly rain on the way,
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upper 30s around the bay. the leadingently of the rain is coming into southwestern virginia, and parts of west virginia. a few sprinkles crossing the shore in the last few hours. there is the washington monument under a cloudy sky. we will have temperatures in the low 40s, once we get the rain going, 9:00 or so, sunrise at 6:56. wet snow in the mountains. we will look at changes on the way for tonight. what it will be looking like in ten minutes. >> how is traffic? >> quiet. a lot of overnight construction. once you get to the 14th street bridge, moving along nicely. gw parkway is quiet.
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to the american legion bridge. both directions, no concerns here. over to national airport, gw parkway, there it is, quiet both directions. >> 4:32, members of congress will get what they have been asking for a classified action on libya. secretaries gates and clinton head to the hill this morning. meanwhile, rebels in the north african land are on the run. an interview with brian williams, at this point,
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president obama said all options are on the table. >> you are ruling out military hardware assistance? >> i am not ruling it out. one of the questions we want to answer, if we get to a force where gadaddy's forces are sufficiently degraded, it may not be necessary. we are not taking anything off the table at this point. our primary military goal is to protect civilian populations and set up a no-fly zone. our strrnlg goal is that muammar gadhafi step down. he said he would not treat other situations in the middle east with a cookie cutter approach. >> the president told attendes that the chairman would make an
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excellent candidate should he chose to run. george allen, whom web defeated in 2006, announced his candidacy. >> mrs. obama will be speaking at the high school, about pursuing career goals. >> prince george's county. >> i am announcing right here and now that good isn't good enough. we are about to move this economy from good to great! >> baker delivered his state of the economy address last night. he said the budget was balanced
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without furloughs. the 2012 budget includes money to attract businesses. the gunman opened fire in a dorm before moving to norris hall. the university sent an e-mail two hours after the first shots were fired. they were fined $200,000, the maximum allowed. a tribute to jayna murray, the word love, the store will eventually open back up to serve
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bethesda. >> the supreme court heard arguments from wal-mart and 500,000 suing the retail giant. they said they -- even with three women on the bench, it looks like the decision may split in favor ever wal-mart. the court's official opinion is expected by late june. >> one justice got into a fender bender on his way. on the george washington parkway. police police say scalia was following too closely. he got a $70 ticket, but made it in time for the beginning of the arguments of the wal-mart suit.
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>> it could be in your children's serial. >> up next, george clooney now
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italian prime minister may
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get star power in his upcoming trial. george cleany and his girlfriend were name d in the lawsuit. cooney is not sure he is on the list, because he has only met the prime minister once. >> i want you to testify on my dehalf, too. >> tom kierein would be quite the character witness. >> put you on trial for weather, tom. >> it continues. chilly and cloudy. good morning, 45 at reagan national. that is at the airport, and to the west and north, in the low 30s right now. we have a lot of cloudiness, the rain, i was expecting around this time, probably won't be
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arriving until later. not until mid morning will we see light rain moving in. a chilly day, light rain, drizzle from time to time into the afternoon and wet snow out of the mountains, they could get two to four inches of that here is your night planner. light rain light likely and drizzle by dawn. upper 30s. more changes on the way. we get toward the end of the week and the weekend. details on that. how is traffic? >> i would find you guilty of a reliable forecast. no real issues all the way on in. roadway on the beltway, overnight hours, construction wrapping up. 4:42, still to come, the
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name debate gets heated. why some are not happy with what the silver line metro stations will be called. >> an abandoned uhaul, at the blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds... more than a snack.
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this morning, radiation in sea water is at the highest level yet, radiation, 3300 times in the water outside the fukushima plant. the u.s. is hoping to help end the disaster. the energy department is sending robots to the plant. they will provide readings, data and help to provide visuals that may be too dangerous for humans.
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>> the safety of artificial food dyes, those dyes have been deemed safe by the fda. there are new studies that they may be linked to hyperactivity. >> reporter: 7:00, breakfast is in the blender. bananas, strawberries, and a mifin on the side. his mom threw out everything containing artificial flavors and dyes. >> i could tell difference. >> here it is handwriting before the new diet, and then after. yellow 5 and 6, yellow 40, found
4:47 am
in chips, pickles and mack and cheese. many doctors, and consumer advocates said there is a link between the dyes and hyperactivity. >> the trigger in some. >> the controversy isn't new. since 1970, now, the fda is changing its opinion. the fda said there is no link, now, suggests that condition may be exacerbate d by dyes and colors. we are always producing the safest possible product for our consumers. now an fda panel will decide if
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food dyes are safe enough to remain on food shelves. one neighborhood is becoming ground zero for the abortion debate. organizers. the proximity may be volatile. >> we are here, not for picketts or protests or posters, but to give, healing, hope and help. >> women who are in serious, bad situations, if we it is best for women and their doctors to make those decisions, not to have
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governmental interference or political ideology. >> they can rent the office space for as long as it takes to get dr. carhart to leave. >> early yesterday, a suspicious u-haul was found outds the department of education. the vehicle had been parked there for 24 hours. the surrounding streets were shut down for hours and people were asked to evacuate the area. >> they ran the dogs, then they told us to clear the area. go to the other side of the building. >> the police opened the uhaul, found a table,clothes and a small handgun. it was the second scare in in two horrs. after two masked men tried to
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rob a man. >> an employee lost a laptop with personal information of people who filed claims. bp said there is no evidence that any of the information has been misused. >> in afterent to shrink a deficit, the postal service is calling for an end to saturday delivery. releasing data that the postal service would have save d 30 billion in 2009 if there wasn't is the delivery. congress would have to vote on that. >> one las vegas casino not cost
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the las vegas hilton a pretty penny, someone placed a bet on the rams winning. that $10 could fetch $50,000 if the team wins. go rams! >> gary williams doesn't think he is ready, jordan williams is testing the draft wars. he will enter the nba draft, he has not hired an agent, he can still return to college park for his junior season. >> if you can't wait for spring ball, head over to the national fan fest. the kickoff starts at 4:00 this afternoon, and features an open practice and a chance to meet the players, $10 for adults and this year, the nationals are honoring the military, during the pregame festivities, and a
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member of each of the five branchs will throw a first pitch. mayor gray will announce to play ball to get the game underway. against the braves t starts at 1:05. >> what is the word, tom? >> it is not looking good. unfortunately. yes, looking wet again tomorrow. they may have to push opening day into friday it. looks better then. no rain yet. 45 at reagan national, near 40 at prince george's county, upper 30s now in most of montgomery county and arlington, fredrick county into maryland. it is right near 30 there. panhandle of west virginia, as well, near the freezing mark. we have a winter storm weather advisory out here in west maryland. two to four inches of wet snow
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is likely beginning later this morning. they are mainly on grassy areas, most locations are above freezing, low to mid 40s throughout most of virginia, and the eastern shores, over the 12 hours, still, way far away in southern virginia, eventually, making its way in there by later this afternoon. 9:00 or so there. is the washington monument. under a cloud i sky. temperatures holding steady in the low 40s throughout the rest of the day with light rain, throughout the day and overnight tonight as well. patchy fog, drizzle as well, and chilly in the upper 30s, starting off tomorrow morning. on thursday, it doesn't look like -- unfortunately, that game may be postponed until friday, with highs near 50 it. should be drying out.
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a slight chance of sprinkles, 50s, should be warming up next week. a chance of storms on tuesday. how is traffic? >> at this hour, clear, dry road surfaces. the kenilworth avenue. heading out of the district into maryland, and light traffic both ways. quick check elsewhere, no concernos 270. and heading over to update on i-95. prince william parkway, travel lanes are open. we know what the metro silver line will be called, the board of supervises released recommendations. you can see the stations are
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name named after herndon wanted to be the only name. the compromise is herndon reston. >> the six ton orcha whale dragged the trainer into the tank by her pony trail where she browned. park officials say they may invest in a device that would use lights and sound to distract a whale if that happens. ♪
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with amazing innovation, driven by relentless competition, wireless puts the world at your command. ♪
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university of maryland studentsville to tame down their parties. students say they have a right to do whatever they want on their roofs. >> look at that! >> why you want that. >> not good for your health. >> it is a nice view.
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>> college park may be a bit less fun for college students, it is apparently a fantastic place to rear your children. >> it has been voted the best place to raise kids. bloomberg business week picked it because of the low crime rate and affordable housing, and unique attractions. a report is good new for many in the maryland and virginia areas. access to healthcare and air travel. fairfax, arlington and loudoun county were named the healthiest counties. in maryland, howard, montgomery and

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